Arthritis Diagnosis And Potential Treatments

Arthritis is the painful inflammation of a joint within the body that can also be characterized by stiffness and constant joint ache . Currently, there are over 100 different types of arthritis and studies are continuously determining and discovering new forms of this painful condition. Due to a widespread number of causes and it commonality, arthritis is  currently the most common chronic condition in North America, affecting more than 46 million individuals in the US, and over 350 million worldwide. Arthritis also affects over a quarter million children in the United States alone, and the majority of the adult populous, over 60%, that are affected by arthritis are women. It is classified as a rheumatic illness, meaning it is a number of conditions, similar in appearance (as per how it affects the host). However that is where the similarities end. It is comprised of differing diseases with different prognoses, complications, treatments, and characteristics, and while most types of arthritis are more of an annoyance than much else, for many, it is a cause of daily pain, suffering, and possibly crippling disability.

Early diagnosis of arthritis can be a large contributor to the overall prevention of further progression and irreversible damage of the disease. Once diagnosed accurately, an individual must be willing work closely with their doctor to develop a proper preventative regime including such lifestyle changes as proper exercise programs, supplements, plenty of rest, and medications (if required). Depending on the condition and stage of the illness, doctor’s may also recommend physical therapy, or possibly even surgery to assist in elevating the pain, and to aim for the best possible future, and long-term outcome for the illness. Continue Reading

Common Foot Problems


The symptoms of this condition are usually associated with a sharp pain or a numbness sensation around the ball area of the feet. The pain is caused by either extreme pressure applied to the nerves that run along the metatarsal bones located along the base of your toes. Intense exercise such as running and jogging for long periods can contribute to this condition. Also, old age and natural wear and tear is a contributing factor.
Treatment for this condition can involve inserting insoles into the shoes to relieve the pressure on the feet. There are a range of inflammatory drugs to help relieve the symptoms. When surgery is required the bones are shortened in length to relieve the pain.


The most likely symptoms of this condition are associated with a sharp, stabbing pain around the ankle area. This pain is caused by an inflamed or torn posterior tibial tendon. This tendon is attached to the calf muscle and runs along to the foot arch. This tendon has a very important role as it supports the foot and enables the function of walking. Over the years this tendon can take a lot of wear and tear and a damaged tendon can result in a common condition known as flat foot which, is a result of the foot arch collapsing.
Treatment can involve using an air cast boot. This boot is designed to provide support to the tendon by taking pressure off it. The boot acts similar to a plaster cast that supports a broken bone, the only difference is that you can remove the boot. It is advisable that you acquire one of these boots from a qualified foot specialist such as podiatrist. If the condition is very severe surgery may be the only option. Continue Reading

Heartburn And Backpain

Everybody experiences a bout of heartburn every so often. We often eat too much, too fast, too greasy or too spicy food, so suffering heartburn pain is often the natural consequence of our modern lifestyle. Heartburn is aptly named because is literally feels like the heart is engulfed in flames. But, of course, everyone is unique so symptoms might be different in every person. For some, it is just a mild discomfort. In some others, it means a burning, sharp pain that start in the chest and goes up until it reaches the throat. Some people get nauseous, others complain of the pain in the back.

If heartburn and back pain should occur, something serious is happening and you should seek out a medical professional. Continue Reading

Natural Migraine Relief

A lot of new conventional migraine headache treatments are popping out in the market and they claim to be both effective and yet safe. There are also natural treatments which are often cheaper and safer than those medicines.

There are instances where these natural medicines can relieve pain just as well as medicines or drugs can. Natural medicine is often better since it reduces the chance of harmful side effects. Some of these natural medicines may work on some and vice-versa and they are not all safe to use as a mix with others so take care and do some research and to be completely on the safe side,. never self diagnose, get a proper diagnosis before you head off to the herbal side for example. Continue Reading

Chronic And Acute Sinusitis

Sinusitis is a condition resulting from inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. This may be a result of infection from one of the following issues:
Impaired immune system
The newest classification of sinusitis refers to it as rhinosinusitis (rhinology is the medical specialty that deals with the nose and its diseases). The logic behind this choice is that inflammation of the sinuses cannot occur without some inflammation of the nose as well.

Differences Between Chronic and Acute Sinusitis

If you suffer from a quickly occurring and short but acute sinus infection lasting anywhere up to eight weeks, then that is probably an acute attack. Chronic sinusitis on the other hand usually recurs and is a long lasting condition. So any attack over eight weeks duration or repeat attacks would be classified as chronic sinusitis.  That said, the symptoms of the chronic condition are usually less severe than those of acute sinusitis, but it may lead to complications requiring prolonged treatment and sometimes surgery. An attack which lasts up to  12 weeks but just a one off will more likely than not be classified as subacute. Continue Reading