Aloe Vera Is It Good For You?

aloe vera for healthThe Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Going by the way they hype aloe vera whenever they put it in any cosmetic products, you would think it was some kind of exotic Far Eastern herb or something. The fact though is that aloe vera is one of the most common potted plants to grow around the house used anywhere in the world. As common as it is though, the benefits of aloe vera can be startlingly great. It’s a wonderful healer and a wonderful health booster.

Ever noticed how diapers and sanitary napkins are able to store all the moisture you throw at them without ever letting any leak out? They use a gel to hold all the liquid in. The aloe vera plant does the same thing. The thick stalks that double as the leaves of the plant, hold a lot of water,in gel form.

Aloe vera gel brings you some pretty great health benefits. It is rich in bradykininase, a painkiller that helps soothe pain wherever it is applied. It has antibacterial qualities and anti-inflammatory compounds that help heal. When anything itches, the gel or juice can be great as a way to bring relief. It helps dilate blood vessels and it helps raise the rate of blood flow to any part of the body it is applied to.

Since we mostly hear about aloe vera through what it can do for our cosmetics, let’s start with those kinds of  uses first. As a moisturizer, there are few equals to aloe vera. Not only does it help moisturize skin, it does it so well that they can take care of wrinkles and it can brighten your skin up as well.

What kind of skin problems do you have? Is it acne? Perhaps you have trouble with hives or rashes or psoriasis. The health benefits of aloe vera extend to all of these problems. Are you looking for a way to stimulate hair growth because you’re 35 and you hair is disappearing? Well, aloe vera can be great for that, as well. As a treatment for head sores it has no equal as my father, who suffered from sore patches on his head for years before discovering aloe vera shampoo, can testify.

But it can help even when you don’t have an actual health situation. Bruises, cuts and scrapes and burns – it’s great for all of them.

Aloe vera isn’t an external use product either. Juice obtained from the plant has always proven to be be a great additive to things like drinks and smoothies that promote health.

So you should drink a full glass of aloe vera juice first thing every morning for great health, right?

No, no – don’t never do that. Because aloe vera can be a very strong laxative to most people. You’re supposed to take it in very small quantities. Drinking aloe vera juice can help cure a persistent heartburn problem, it can help you with strong teeth, inhaling the fumes can help with asthma, and it can be a natural blood thinner.

And finally, who would’ve thought that aloe vera could actually make you live longer? As an all round health ingredient it has few equals.